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Putting ENGL 856 into Practice

I have learned many things this week in my Digital Literacy for the English Professional course. I created a webpage using HTML. I created a blog through WordPress. I co-created a podcast with the brilliant Amanda Henry. I created a Twine story, and I created a survey through the LimeSurvey app.

Any of these digital tools would be beneficial in the English classroom. For me, I can see myself immediately using blogs in my classroom, especially if I teach creative writing courses, yet blogs would be an asset to my composition courses. The students could blog about their experiences with writing in the academic careers or for argumentative essays they could blog about their position on their topics. For literature, the students could blog about themes in different works such as short stories, poems, and plays.

Digital surveys would also be beneficial as icebreakers at the beginning of a course or as an evaluation at the end of a course. The students could also create surveys for research essay data.

These tools empower me to be a better instructor and empower the students to learn in an evolving digital world.

2 thoughts on “Putting ENGL 856 into Practice

  1. I will be interested to hear if you do incorporate blogs into your writing classes. Would the goals be social sharing, keeping an ongoing portfolio, a space for casual writing?

  2. The blog goal would be for both an ongoing chronicle of progress on various essay assignments or on progress analyzing literary texts in the composition classroom. In the creative writing classroom, the blog could be a portfolio for sample writing.

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